Paul Mann

Paul was born in Arkansas and raised in Arkadelphia.  Paul developed a great love of the outdoors living in the natural state.  He loves being in the woods and now has a passion for working with wood. 

Paul is a firm believer in lifelong learning. After retiring as a Wyoming State Trooper in 2007 he returned to Arkansas. He has recently earned a minor in the Art/Furniture design program at UALR. 

Call him what you like: one that reclaims, reuses, recycles or upcycles.  He just calls his work Mann Made, it simplifies things. 
Paul works with a variety of tools to complete his projects some as primitive as a caveman club, tools of the American pioneers, as well as modern tools that run on electricity and gas.  He enjoys making useful wooden items:  bowls, kitchen wares, crosses, carvings, boxes…  Some pieces include a combination of wood and other materials.  

Paul looks forward to seeing you on the art tour and showing you some of his art work, tools and how he uses them.   



Wooden Scoop


Trough Bowl


Wooden Bowls