Samuel Blackmon

Sam has lived in Arkadelphia all of his life. He graduated from high school in 1969 and furthered his education at Ouachita Technical College, in Malvern. His talents are revealed in several areas including music and art.

He is skilled as a cabinet maker, computer information specialist, and as a food service manager. He plays the trumpet and acoustic guitar. During the past 19 years his focus has been on his childhood dream of becoming a visual artist. He is self-taught and works mostly in watercolor and oils.  Sam also works in wood, combining various wood species to produce bas relief pieces reflecting his African heritage.  He has recently been working with metal punch combined with his wood pieces. 

His art takes him away from every day stress and is his way of relaxing. Through his art Sam interprets everyday life and his love of music.



Metal Punch Horse


Wood Bas Relief


Metal Punch Bird