Carolyn Brinkley

Carolyn was born and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to Arkadelphia when her husband accepted a position in town.  She retired from teaching after 30 years in the education field.

She graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Education.

Her sewing endeavors all started in 2016 with 4 guinea pigs, yes guinea pigs!  Being an animal lover, she ended up with 4 of these little creatures when their owners didn’t want them any longer.  She fell in love with them (she calls them her girls) and started researching the care and maintenance of their large cage.  She decided to make cage liners using fleece and U-haul moving pads, and alas, she started learning how to sew.  After trying quilting, home decor and other crafts, she discovered bag making and it has become a passion.

“I knew nothing about sewing or how to operate a sewing machine.  I had to spend hours watching videos and reading how-to articles.  There were times when I wanted to cry over ruined projects or having to pick apart my mistakes, but I decided to look at those mistakes and ruined projects as opportunities to learn and get better at my craft.”