John Tackett

John enjoys spending time in the studio he and Deborah share. His paintings and whimsical sculptures reflect a simpler place and time. They often tell a story. Many of his subjects are taken from history and the old west. His sculptures incorporate found objects, gourds, weathered wood and rusted barn tin.

“Reflected in my art is an inherited touch of eccentricity”, he states. “My folks migrated down from the Boston Mountains and settled in the Ozarks. They were simple, hard-working people who made do with whatever they had available. I have always admired their creativity and ability to turn simple objects and ideas into items of interest, beauty and art. My objective is to honor their spirit in my work and to capture the simple joys and times I remember.”

Deborah and John are excited to have you visit.  The studio is a truly great place in which to work and play. Their studio sets on an abandoned rock quarry, now a lake, surrounded by pine trees and large boulders. The warm, southwest motif reflects their love for nature. They hope to make your visit one that you will remember.